How does the Facebook Messenger app work?

Your potential clients can now get in touch with you using their Facebook Messenger - making it faster for them to enquire about anything instead of sending an email.

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use it:

1. After you've logged into, and entered into your website editor, go to 'Settings'.

2. Scroll down to the section called Facebook Messenger.

3. Based on the level of interaction you want with your clients, you can choose to turn it ON or OFF. To start or stop using this feature, click on the button to the right that says ON/OFF.


4. Finally, click on 'Publish' at the top-right corner to make sure that the Facebook Messenger app appears or disappears from your website.


5. Once you've activated the Messenger app on your website, it will allow your website visitors to contact you directly from their Facebook account. If they are not logged into Facebook, the Messenger app will ask them to login to their Facebook account first.


6. After they've logged in and sent you a message, you will receive them directly on your Facebook page.

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