Changing your Site's color

Change the look and feel of your site by changing its colors. This option includes Skin (the overall color of your site), and Color (the color of the headings, links, and navigation menus). Some design themes only offer one or two of these options.

1. In your site editor, go to the Design tab

2. On the menu to the left, go to Color.



3. You have three options to select a color:

(i) Use a suggested color.


(ii) Select a color from the Color Palette.


(iii) Use a hex value for your desired color. A hex value is a six-digit hexadecimal number used to represent colors. It always starts with #


The color applies to the headings of each page, the navigation menu, and the highlight when a link is selected. It is also the color of any Call to Action Buttons. On some designs, there is also a light color over the homepage images.

4. The skin is the overall theme of your site. The two options are light and dark. (One of these options will be called default.) Changing the skin color will change the background of all of your sites pages, as well as the navigation menu.


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