How to create your business email address through Zoho

If you own a domain name, then you can use Zoho (a third-party service) to create your business email address based on that domain name. Please note that Zoho might change the number of email addresses that you can create with their Free Plan. Therefore, to get up-to-date information on this, please visit

Below are the instructions you need to follow to create an email address through Zoho:

1. Go to

2. Click on that button that says 'Sign Up for free'.


3. Enter the email address that you want to create. Then, enter your password and click 'Sign Up for Free'.


4. Then, click on 'Mail' to start setting up your email account.


5. For security reasons, you will need to enter your phone number and password.


6. After you have entered these details, you will receive a verification code on your phone. Use this code to verify your account on Zoho.

7. After the verification is complete, click on 'Continue' to proceed. 

8. You will now see different plans available. Select the plan called 'Lite'.


9. Then, enter the domain name for which you want to create an email id. Also, make sure that the option is marked. Once you've done that, click on 'Continue'.


10. After that, click on 'Continue Setup'.


11. Now, you will need to verify your domain name. If you've registered your domain name through Pagevamp, choose 'Others' as your domain's DNS manager and follow the steps below. If you've registered your domain through other platforms, you can select other verification methods compatible with your DNS manager.


12. Then, click on TXT method. Copy the 'Destination' and send it to . After that, we will verify your domain name. If you bought your domain name from a different platform, then please copy and send this 'Destination' to your domain registrar to verify your domain.


13. Once we verify your domain name, click on Proceed to TXT verification.


14. After the verification is complete, enter your desired username once last time and click 'Create Account'.


15. Then, you can proceed to add other users or skip to next steps on the left panel.

On the left panel, click 'Configure Email Delivery' to get the MX Records and click 'SPF/DKIM' to get the SPF Records. Send us the MX Records and SPF Records that Zoho provides you. We will need to add them to your website. Doing this will allow you to send and receive messages at your newly created email address.




16. After the setup process is complete, click on 'Go to Zoho Workplace' at the bottom of the screen. Then, you can click on Mail to access your mailbox.


17. And that's it! Your email setup is complete. To use your email id in future, all you need to do is go to and login.


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