Settings Tab

The Settings Tab opens a modal window with options to manage and edit your site.


1. Account - Upgrade your website and manage the email address that your site's contact form sends to.

2. Domains- Search for and register a domain. Remember, a top level domain is free with every annual subscription!

3. Newsletter - Enable and edit your newsletter widget, manage and export your subscriber list, and send a newsletter to your subscribers.

4. Social Icons - Add social media icons for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media sites to your website.

5. Language - Change the language displayed to your viewers.

6. Time ZoneChange the time zone displayed to your viewers.

7. Photo Inquiry -  Activate an "Inquire" button next to photos in your gallery. When visitors click the button, they'll be taken to a contact form so that they can ask details about the photo.

8. Custom CSS - Enter custom CSS markup to fine-tune your site's design.

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