Changing Your Site's Homepage Image

The homepage image on your website is the first picture your visitors see. By default, three latest HD images in your Facebook page's Timeline photos and cover photos are  selected as Home page images. If you have no HD images in your Facebook page, then our system selects 3 High Definition stock images based on your business category, and uses them as your website's Home page images.

To change your site's Home page images, follow the instructions below:

1. In the site editor, go to the Design Tab

2. Click the 'Select new photos' button underneath "Homepage Images". 


3. In the popup window, you can now select photos from 4 different sources, as well as view your current homepage images:

i. When you click on 'My Facebook HD images', you'll see all High Definition images in your Facebook albums. Click on a photo to add it to your Home page images. 


ii. When you click on 'Free Stock images', you'll High Definition stock images. You can select your business category on the left and see images that are relevant to your business. 


iii. When you click on 'My Facebook Albums', you'll see all your Facebook albums. Click on an album to see the photos inside it. Then, click on an image to add it to your Home page images.


iv. When you click on 'Upload a Photo', you can upload pictures right from your computer, even if they aren't on Facebook!


4. In the Homepage Images section here, you can see your current homepage images. You can click clear all to start from scratch.



5. If you choose multiple images, then the images will become sliders that the Home page will cycle through. You can select the order in which they will be displayed. Just drag and drop images to change the order. If you choose 1 image, it will be a single background photo.


6. When you are done making your selections, click Save. Your selected images are now your homepage images!

And finally, after you've selected your new homepage images, you can reposition them to make sure they fit just right with your theme!

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