Create a Drop-down Menu

To make your website easier to navigate, create drop-down menus using our Subpages feature.

1. Click on the "Pages" tab. 


2. Drag a page to the right to make it a subpage of the page directly above it. Drag a subpage to the left to make it a normal page.

*Before you let go, make sure that you see the L-shaped connector beneath the page that you're turning into the parent page.


Here is an example of a page with several subpages. All indented pages are subpages.


3. Your subpages will appear under the parent page in your website's navigation menu.

Any page can be a parent page for a drop-down menu. If you don't want the parent page to have any content - in other words, to act as a placeholder in your site's menu - use an Empty Tab as the parent page.

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