Formatting Text in the Text Add-on

We have the new and improved Text Add-on for you to add valuable content in your website. There are many options for formatting text in the text add-on. To keep your site looking professional, all of the text added in the text add-on will be formatted based on the font you chose for your design theme. You can change your site's font at any time.

1. Bold and Italic

To make text bold or italic, select from these buttons on the toolbar. 


2. Lists and Indentation

To insert a bullet or numbered list, or to indent/outdent your list, use these buttons on the text widget toolbar. 


3. Text Alignment 

You can select icons on the toolbar to align your text left, right, center, or justified. 


4. Adding a Horizontal Rule
To add a horizontal rule, click the "Insert Horizontal Rule" button. (A horizontal rule is a horizontal line that stretches across the entire text box)


5. Code, Quotes, and Headers
To add special formattings such as code, quotes or headers, click the 'Format' and 'Style' buttons on the toolbar. 

format.png  style.png

6. Images:

Even though we have an Image Add-on for uploading images, you can also use the Text Add-on to upload images by clicking the Image icon on the toolbar.


You can either use an Image's URL, or you can upload directly from your computer.


If you upload an image from your computer, you'll need to click 'Send it to Server' after you've chosen your image.


7. Hyperlinks:

You can use the Hyperlink icon to link or unlink your texts and images to any URL you want. Select your text and click on the hyperlink icon.


Enter your desired URL and click 'OK'.


8. HTML code:

You can also add HTML codes through your Text Add-on. To do so, click on the icon that says 'Source'.


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