Start Your First Pagevamp Site

All Pagevamp sites are linked to a Facebook Page. Make sure you're using a Facebook Page, not a Profile. Don't know the difference? Click here. Don't have a Facebook Page? Read this article to learn how to make one.


1. Go to your Facebook Page and copy the Facebook Page URL


2. Go to www.pagevamp.compaste your Facebook Page URL in the vamp box and click the search button. 


3. Log in with Facebook if you haven't already and confirm that you're the owner of the Facebook Page.

4. Once your information has been imported, we recommend going through the quick on-screen tutorial to get familiar with the interface.

A) You can trigger the tutorial again any time later by clicking the Help button on the top right corner of the Account Portal.


Congratulations, you've now created your first Pagevamp website! Next, try changing your site's theme and customizing it in the design tab.

If you'd prefer to hide your website from the public while you make changes, click here to learn how to unpublish your website.

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