Design Tab

The Design Tab allows you to customize the appearance of your website.

1. Choose a Theme - Select from our library of beautiful themes. You can change your site's theme at any time.

2. Change Font - Change the font and colors on your site. Choose font combinations from our carefully curated selection.

3. Change ColorChange the font and colors on your site. Change the accent color of select elements on your site, such as headlines and buttons.

4. Upload a Logo - Add your business logo to your website. If left blank, your site name will remain in your navigation as text.

5. Homepage Images - Change the slider or background image(s) of your website.

6. Preview Site - Click to minimize the design tab and preview your site for different screen resolutions: mobile, tablet, and PC.

For more detailed information about each option, follow the links in the descriptions or visit our Design Tab Folder.

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