Updating Your Site's News Page

You'll want to keep your Facebook Page's Timeline up to date to attract visitors to your site and appear active. Posts on your Timeline will be automatically posted to the News page on your Pagevamp site. You can post status updates, photos, albums, videos, events, milestones, and links to other sites!

1. Go to the Timeline on your Facebook Page and locate the Status box.  

A) Under the Status tab, you can enter plain text or a link to a website. You can choose to add a photo, say what you're doing or feeling, or add a location to your post by using the tabs on the bottom.

B) Under the Photo/Video tab, you can upload a photo, video, or entire album. When you select "Upload Photos/Video" or "Create Photo Album", a series of pop-ups will appear instructing you to select the files you want to upload. 

C) Under the Event, Milestone + tab, you can add an event or a milestone to your page.

When you select Event, enter all the relevant details and invite guests through the pop-up event editor:

When you select Milestone, enter important information and add an optional photo through the pop-up editor:

3. Your status posts will automatically be reflected on the News page on your Pagevamp website

A) Facebook status update: 

B) News page of your Pagevamp site:




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