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A custom page can house any additional content that doesn't have a place in our default pages. This article will teach you how to create a custom page. Read our articles in the Custom Pages section to learn more about editing your new page. The articles on the Text Add-on and other Add-ons sections will show you how to add content to your page. You can also watch our video tutorial for the custom page editor instead of reading this article.

1. Click on the Pages tab. 

2. Click Add New Page.


3. Click the New button under Custom Page, and then select a starting layout for your custom page.

The following instructions are for the blank custom page option, but the same principles apply to all custom pages. See our article on custom page layout templates for more detailed instructions on pre-populated layouts.


4. Change the Page Title. The page title appears at the top of your custom page, and it will show up in your navigation.

5. Change the Permalink. The permalink shows up in the page's URL. For example, if you enter "menu" in the permalink box, the URL for your site becomes


6. Drag your desired content onto your custom page.


7. Resize and move as needed by A) dragging the box, B) the column divider, or C) the corner of any unit. 


8. When finished, click "Save." (Learn more about adding text and other add-ons and rearranging them.) Your new content will not be saved unless you click save, so don't forget this step! 


9. Your custom page will now appear in the Pages tab.




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