Adding Events to Your Website (through Facebook)

Having events posted on your Facebook Page and Pagevamp site is great for business! It makes your business look active, and can engage potential customers. 

1. Go to your Facebook page

2. Find the Events tab. If you don't see it immediately, it will be under "More". (You can rearrange your tabs so that the Events tab is easier to find by clicking "Manage Tabs" then dragging and dropping your tabs in the next window.) If it is not under "More", you will need to add the Events tab by clicking "Manage Tabs" then "Add or Remove Tabs" in the next window.

3. On the Events page, click Create Event.

4. Fill in your event information then click Create


5. Once created, you can view your upcoming events under the "Events" tab. 

6. These events will also appear in the "Events" section of your Pagevamp website

You can also add an event right from your Facebook page's timeline. Just click Event, Milestone + and select Event.




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