Change your SEO Tags on Pagevamp

(WARNING: This feature is only meant for advanced users and if modified incorrectly may hamper your chances of being found online. Pagevamp already creates titles and tags for your websites automatically)


1. Click on the Pages Tab


2. Click on the magnifying glass icon of any page.


3. You will see this bar pop out (or a variation of it, based on which page's SEO tags you're editing). Remember, change these settings only if you are an advanced user. Pagevamp already fills out these fields with keywords and descriptions pulled from your Facebook Page


4. The title is the first (usually clickable) phrase you see as a search result


5. The meta description is a description of your page in 1 or 2 sentences.


6. The keywords are terms you want your website to be found under.


7. Click Save. Your pages will now be found by the words you inserted.

*You can also change the permalink of your page from the SEO menu. The permalink shows up in the page's URL. For example, if you enter "menu" in the permalink box, the URL for your site becomes

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