What to Write in Your "About" Section

There are important differences between the Short Description and Long Description sections on your Facebook Page. Use your Short Description and Long Descriptions wisely!

Long Description- As much information as you need to describe your business.

**On some Facebook Pages, this section is called "Bio"**

  • Your Long Description is what is normally reflected in the “About” page of your Pagevamp website.
  • Visitors will go there to find out more about you, including details of who you are and what you do. This section can be as long as you want, so don't be afraid to be thorough!
  • Feel free to share a story about you that you think a potential customer would be interested in reading, such as the inspiration behind your business, its history, how it operates, or the people you work with.

Short Description- Who you are and what you do in one sentence.

  • In Pagevamp, your Short Description is reflected directly on your homepage in many themes, and is the first thing visitors read.
  • Words used in the Short Description are keywords for people searching for you using search engines.
  • Briefly include basic information like what and where your business is.
  • Keep it short or else it looks cramped on your Pagevamp site. 

In your short description:

Don’t use:  “Come and try our fantastic dishes!” 

Don’t use: “We serve the best food you will ever try in your life. Cyclades opened in 1956 in Turin and later shifted to Milan. Come visit us at Via G. Verdi 42. Opening hours 10-22” 

DO USE: “The most chic Lebanese restaurant in Berlin!” 

The most common mistake is to include too much information in the short description, especially contact information.



Use the specific categories for each piece of information such as address, phone number, and events. This is the best option for many reasons, including user experience, SEO optimization, and functionality of third party apps.

It's also the best configuration for your Pagevamp site.

For example, if your phone number is inserted in the correct field and a user visits your website from their mobile phone, they will be one touch away from calling you. If you insert your business' phone number in the proper field on Facebook:

Then this is what potential customers will see when they access your site on their mobile devices:

If they click the "Call" button at the top of the screen, they will see this:


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