What to Write on Your Facebook Page

If you've read our other article, you know why it's important to update your Facebook page. Since your Facebook timeline is automatically synced to your Pagevamp News Page, strong posts are important for both sites. But creating relevant content regularly can be hard! Where should you start?

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to keep your Facebook page interesting and engaging:

  • Upload new photographs of your business and to keep your albums organized
  • Feature members of your team in posts or photographs to reflect the culture of your organization
  • Publicize any events that you are planning to run or where your work will be shown, and any awards you're nominated for or win.
  • Write status updates about all new product releases and product updates
  • Foster engagement on your page, don't just talk "at" your fans. Ask them questions, host small competitions or giveaways, and ALWAYS respond to their posts.
  • Post news stories, videos, or articles that relate to your business or industry. If they're slightly related, be sure to tie it back to your business. So if you're a jewelry designer, you can post pictures from the Oscars, but include a caption like "We love Jennifer Lawrence's diamond ensemble!" What was your favorite jewelry at the @Oscars last night?"
  • Link and tag your followers, other pages, or external sites. It's great for SEO and encourages people to tag you back!
  • Share or re-post friends or partners' posts. It encourages loyalty, and makes them more likely to share your posts!

Here are a few industry-specific ideas:

For restaurants:  write about any promotions you may have, such as Restaurant Week, special limited-time offers (like Valentine’s Day Set Menus), or any new dishes on your menu

For artists
:  feature pictures of your latest pieces or works-in-progress, publicize any events where your work will be shown, or any new projects or commissions.

For musicians
: feature shots - and better yet, videos! - of your performances, post audio recordings of new songs in the making, and publicize any upcoming shows you will be playing.


For bars: publicize any events you are having (Parties, Trivia Night). If you are a sports bar, be sure to include listings of all games you will be showing, and include any drink specials you will have 


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