Publish/Unpublish Your Site

Your site is already published by default, meaning that it's available for the public to see. If you'd prefer, you can unpublish it while you're working out design decisions and custom pages and then publish it again once you're ready. Your website can be edited both in its published and unpublished state. It's all a matter of preference.

1. Click the green arrow in the upper right corner of the editor interface to access your Account Portal.


2. Your published sites appear on the left, and your unpublished ones on the right.


(A) To unpublish a site, click the green "ON" button on the bottom right corner of the published site tile.

(B) To publish a site, click the gray "OFF" button on the bottom right corner of the unpublished website tile.


With a full membership, you can register a custom domain for free. (A custom domain is a URL registered to your business. With a custom domain, your site's URL can be instead of

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