Creating a Call to Action Button

A call to action highlights a page on your site's menu, making it stand out to visitors. It turns a page's link in the navigation menu into a button, setting it apart from the rest of the pages. This is great for calling attention to a donation page for a non-profit, reservations site for a restaurant, events page for a band, or whatever page is most important to your site! Any page can be made into a button at any time, so it can be used for short-term promotions or to permanently highlight a page.

1. Go to the Pages Tab in your site editor.


2. Find your page in the list, and click the Settings wheel to open the settings for that page.


3. Under Style, select button.


4. Your page now appears as a button in your site's navigation menu! In this example, we've created a call to action for the restaurant's Menu page.


5. To change it back, select "default" in the page settings.



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