Great SME Websites in Action

To give you some inspiration for your own website, here are some examples of great SME websites in action.

1. Pali Healing Arts - Health & Wellness, Australia

The website of this Health and Wellness organization in Australia is a great example of inspiring action. When you land on the homepage, you’re immediately greeted with a peaceful photo, true to the business it represents. And in the corner of the homepage, ever so subtly, you’re given a nudge--make a reservation now! The widget is branded with their own logo, and it’s not too intrusive, but it’s noticeable enough. If you’re embedding an app or widget on your website, you can use this as inspiration.

2. El Conejo Blanco - Products & Party Rental, Colombia

Besides an absolutely beautiful homepage, this website has two great features to inspire action on behalf of its customers. First, you can see the newsletter widget on the right-hand side. It’s not intrusive, but it’s there, collecting sign-ups. Second, when you click on a photo, you can “Inquire” about it, which is a great feature for artists and businesses that sell products like these.

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