Adding Resmio reservation widget to your restaurant's website

1. Register and create an account in

2. Add your phone number and details. You will receive a text message on this number every time someone makes a reservation through the website. Follow the setup steps.

3. For help understanding how Resmio works and the various features they have, please visit

To retrieve Resmio code to integrate into your Pagevamp website, please go to Settings->Integration. Copy the code for the widget. 

4. Login to Pagevamp. Create a new custom page or edit an existing custom page you would like to add the reservation widget to. To learn more about how to create a custom page, please follow these instructions.

Drag the Embed add-on to the page.

5. Paste code into the Embed add-on. Click Save.

You are ready to take reservations from your website! To manage reservatioins, please login to your Resmio account.


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