Configuring Email on Android

This guide provides an in-depth overview of how to setup your new Pagevamp email address on Android. If you don't have an email address yet, check out our guide here about how to create one. 


Quick Overview (for advanced users - don't worry if you don't know what these mean yet!)

  • IMAP
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Username: The email address you just purchased from Pagevamp
  • Password: The temporary password emailed to you (unless you've already changed it)


Begin Setup

Follow these directions to set up your Android 5.0 device for email.

1. On the main screen, tap the mail icon. The mail screen appears.


On the mail screen, tap GOT IT. The Add an email address screen appears.


2. Tap Add an email address. The Add account dialog box appears.


3. In the Add account dialog box, tap the Personal (IMAP/POP) Yahoo,, AOL Mail, etc., radio button, and press OK. (By default, Google Gmail or Google Apps is selected, so you have to choose the other one).


Setup Email Accounts

1. From the Email account screen, type in your email address into the Email address field.


2. Tap Next. The Account Type screen appears.



When you choose the IMAP option, the Incoming server screen that appears after the Sign in screen contains fields that are specific to the IMAP option. Follow these directions to add an IMAP account.

1. On the Account type screen, tap the Personal (IMAP) button. The Sign In screen appears.

2. If the Sign in field is not populated, tap the field and type your sign in information.


3. Tap Next. The Incoming server settings screen appears. Some fields are populated with default information from your device and some contain general IMAP information. Populated fields include the following:

  • UserName.
  • Password.
  • Security Type.
  • Port.
  • Delete email from server.


4. In the Server field, type:
5. Tap Next. The Outgoing server settings screen appears.


After configuring the IMAP Incoming server settings, set up the SMTP outgoing mail options. SMTP is common to all email applications.

1. On the Outgoing server settings screen, tap the Security Type field to display a drop-down list.

2. From the drop-down list, select SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates).

3. Tap Next. The Account options screen appears.

4. On the Account options screen, choose your Sync Frequency and tap options to turn them on or tap to remove the check and turn them off. Suggested settings appear by default.

NOTE: Sync Frequency is the interval in minutes, hours, or days the device checks the mail server for mail.

5. Tap Next. The Your account is set up and email is on its way screen appears.

6. On this screen, do the following:

  • In the Give this account a name (optional) field, type a name for the account.

  • In the Your name (displayed on outgoing messages), type the name you want to appear in the "From" field on an email.

Tap Next. The add email address screen appears.

On the screen, tap Take me to <email client name>. Your email inbox appears.

Your mailbox is setup and ready to use! Here you can check your email or compose and send email.

If you want to add more email addresses, tap Add another email address on the previous screen and repeat the steps.

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