Configuring Email on Outlook

This guide provides an in-depth overview of how to setup your new Pagevamp email address on Outlook. If you don't have an email address yet, check out our guide here about how to create one. 

Quick Overview (for advanced users - don't worry if you don't know what these mean yet!)

  • IMAP
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Username: The email address you just purchased from Pagevamp
  • Password: The temporary password emailed to you (unless you've already changed it)


Add Email Account

1. In Outlook, click the File tab. The File tab is active.
2. On the File tab, click Add Account. The Add Account dialog box appears.

3. In the Add Account dialog box, click the Manual setup or additional server types radio button.

4. Click Next. The Choose Service dialog box appears.

5. In the Choose Service dialog box, click the POP or IMAP radio button.

6. Click Next. The POP and IMAP Account Settings dialog box appears.


The fields for IMAP and POP are the same. The difference is how Outlook handles specific mail options. The differences are marked in the corresponding images. Follow these directions to set up IMAP email accounts.

1. In the POP and IMAP Account Settings dialog box, in the Your Name and Email Address field, type the corresponding information.

2. From the Account Type drop-down list, select IMAP.

3. In the Incoming mail server, Outgoing mail server (SMTP), User name, and Password fields, type the corresponding information:
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • User name: the first part of your email address (e.g. if your email address is "," you would just write "john)
  • Password: your new password
4. In the Mail to keep offline: section, select your options by moving the slider.


Continue Adding Email Address

After choosing the account type, the steps are the same for both POP3 and IMAP. Follow these directions to continue setting up email.

1. In the POP and IMAP Account Settings dialog box, click More Settings. The Internet Email Settings dialog box appears.

2. In the Internet Settings dialog box, click the Outgoing Server tab. The tab is active.

3. On the Outgoing Server tab, do the following:

  • Click the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication checkbox.
  • Click the Use same settings as my incoming mail server radio button.
  • Click OK. The POP and IMAP Settings dialog box appears.

4. In the IMAP and POP Settings dialog box, click Next. Outlook tests the account settings.

  • If the test is successful, the You’re all set! screen appears.
  • If the test is not successful, Outlook displays an error message with detailed information. If you continue to have the problems, please contact us at

5. In the dialog box, click Finish. Your account is set up and ready to use!


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