Add your Ecwid Store to Pagevamp

If you have a store with Ecwid, you can easily add it to your Pagevamp website! 

If you don't have a store already, you can create a store at and start your free account today. 


1. In your Ecwid dashboard, go to "Create store."

2. Select "Yes, I have a website." 


3. Click "Other Platform".


4. Copy the code for the Product Browser.



5. On a Custom Page, drag and drop the "Embed" Add-on onto your page. To learn more about our Custom Page editor, check out our guide here


6. Now paste the code from your Ecwid store you copied earlier!


And that's it! Your store will be live on your website. Make sure to click "Save" to save your changes before leaving the Custom Page Editor. 

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