How to Create a New Business Email Address

This article is about how to create a business email address through Pagevamp. Please Note: this feature is only available to full account holders. 

If you already have an email address and would like to access it on a separate device, check out our guides for configuring email on Outlook, Android, iOS 8, and Apple Mail

First, go to your Account Dashboard

1. Make sure you're editing the page for which you'd like the make the email address. The site will appear up here. To switch to a different page, simply click "edit" next to the correct page. 

2. Click "E-mail" on the left hand side of the account dashboard. 



3. Click "Create an Email Address."



4. Type the desired email name in the box under "Enter an email name." For example, if you want "", type in "owner". If you want "," type in "john". 

5. Select the domain you want your email address to be created for. If you don't have a domain, you can claim your free domain (if you have a yearly account) or purchase an additional one under Settings > Domains. See our guide here for more info. 

6. If you want to create more than one email address, click "Add another email" and go through the same steps. 

7. When you are ready, click Next.




8. Enter your current email address (one that you can check right now, such as a gmail or yahoo address) for us to send your temporary password to. 

9. Click Checkout when you're ready to check out!



Now you've finished creating the account! When you log back in to your Account Dashboard, to check your email, click "Email" again on the left and then "Launch Webmail." 


As always, if you have any questions about this, just email us at 


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