Adding products to your website

Putting the Store on Your Site

  • Go to your account on and edit the site on which you’d like to add the store
  • At the top left, click “Pages.” 
  • New page – To create a new page for your store, select Add New Page > Custom Page>Blank Page, and make sure you indicate that you wish to edit your page “Now.” 
  • To add products to an existing page, it must be a Custom Page.
  • In the page editor, next to the “Add-ons” button is a button labeled “Products.” Click this.
  • Add the product(s) you wish to add to the page, and arrange them however you’d like, just as you’d arrange a photo. You can add all of the products on one page, or you can have a separate page for each product or groups of products
  • Save your changes!


Now you're ready to sell! Once you add products to your page and save your changes, customers who visit your site will be able to purchase products on your online store. If you’d like to make changes at any time, you can visit and edit the settings for your products, payment and delivery options.

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