Add video on your website's Home Page banner

(Please note that this feature is not available if you are using any of these website themes: Focus, Saturn, Galleria, Flash, Paradigm, Explora, and Spring)

You can use a video on your website's Homepage banner.  Here's how.

1. Make sure you have your video uploaded either on Youtube or Vimeo.

2. Now, below is the code you need to play a video on your Homepage. Copy the code and paste it on your Notepad as you will need to make three small changes to this code:

<script src=""></script>
if(typeof jQuery !== 'undefined'){


Replace 3 things in this code.

a. Based on where your video is uploaded, use either youtube or vimeo in provider.

b. Use your video's Embed URL. Click here to see how you can get this URL.

c. Use the name of your website's current theme.

Don't remove the ' ' while making your changes.


4. Now that you have your final code, go to the 'Settings' tab of your website editor. Scroll down to the area called 'Custom JS' and paste your code there.


Click 'save', and then click 'Publish' at top-right.

After you've done that, your video will be displayed on your website's Homepage banner. 

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