How many Facebook Page posts are displayed on my website?

At any time, your website will show the following content from your Facebook Page:

  • upto 100 most recent status posts
  • upto 200 albums that have the most recent photo uploads
  • upto 50 most recent photos in each photo album
  • upto 100 most recent videos

These limits have been placed to ensure that your website automatically syncs with your Facebook Page in real time. Facebook allows us to pull only a certain amount of data from your Facebook Page at any given time. Exceeding this limit will lengthen the time it takes to sync your website, or will prevent your site from syncing at all.

For instantaneous these posts/albums/videos to instantly appear in your website, two conditions must be met:

- The website must have been upgraded to a paid plan

- The Facebook page admin must have logged into the website editor with their Facebook account.

If both these conditions are not met, then posts/albums/videos will appear on your website within 24 hours.

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