How do create a website without using a Facebook Page?

If you do not manage a business Facebook Page, please follow the steps below to create a website:

1. Go to and click 'Create Website' button.


2. Click 'Continue with Facebook'.


 3. Login and Continue with your Facebook Profile.


4. Now Click 'OK'.


5. Now at this step, if you wish to create a website without using a Facebook Page, then click 'Create a One-Page Website'.

(Note: One-Page websites have fewer capabilities compared to a Multi-Page website. A Multi-Page website is created from a Facebook Page. So if you wish to have access to our features like multiple website templates, ability to embed apps into your site and more, then we recommend creating a Facebook Page here, and then using it to create a Multi-Page website as shown in this link.)


6. Fill in details for your website.


7. In the next step, you can register a domain name for your website.


You will be taken to the payment page to upgrade your website if:

  • you search for a custom domain and click 'Next', or
  • you connect a domain you already own and click 'Next'.

You will taken to the website editor (where you can edit your website) if:

  • you select a Pagevamp subdomain and click 'Next', or
  • you click 'Skip'

When you have finally landed in the editor, you can click 'View website' at top-right to see your website on a domain (like or on a pagevamp subdomain (like


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